Go beyond other electric skateboards with our T4 QUAD HUB MOTOR 3600w ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD. Our T4 is one of the first in the world to offer 4 in hub motors providing exceptional power, torque and fun. 4 X 900 Watt in-wheel motors with an 11ah battery to provide you with a range of up to 40kms.

Listening to what real electric skateboard riders want, this quad 900w hub motor electric skateboard combines performance and looks. We have gone through multiple levels of R&D to find the right performance attributes to accommodate what you want as a customer. Providing speeds of up to 44km/h the silent and powerful hub motors have no issues such as belts to adjust, gears to change or belts coming off mid-ride. The in-wheel hub motors providing the ability to utilise the board manually and push starting for an even smoother take off. Battery runs out don’t worry. Just ride it home like a normal skateboard.

We combined our 8ply all Canadian maple deck with our custom extra wide electric skateboard trucks to provide stability and comfort at any speed. Our 90mm wheels providing the grip you need as well as a soft ride for a street board. Our huge 11Ah Lithium-ion battery providing the Kw to power our large motors as well as giving you a phenomenal range of 40kms.

Our remotes providing your board battery power, your remote battery power, distance travelled current speed and the ability to turn on and off the included front and rear super bright LED’s right from the palm of your hand. Thump electric skateboards offer 4 riding modes. Beginner, Slow, Medium and high. Allow you to enjoy our product safely and adjust these speed modes whilst riding.

♦Beginner providing a slow steady pace for beginners and a low top speed

♦♦Slow providing a little more pace to be able to get used to turning and overall riding

♦♦♦Medium providing a more fast-paced riding mode allowing you to move whilst still keeping good control.

♦♦♦♦Fast well… It’s just fast.. Hang on. You better know what you are doing. Allowing you to reach top speeds and giving you that real adrenalin rush

A very simple cruise control feature allowing to just cruise at the same speed. Our exclusive braking technology allows you to choose the regenerative braking pressure. Set your braking power to the way you like it with a simple button press.

If you would like to add different wheel colours or a deck, use our BIY page to add these to your order. (Coming Soon)