This how-to article provides users with an effective solution to recover deleted, corrupted, or damaged.vhd and.vhdx files created as system images on virtual hard disks. Follow these steps to recover files from VHDX file.

What is the VHDX or VHD File?

VHD or VHDX, is a virtual hard disk file format that is created by some backup programs when you back up your computer. It may contain material on a physical hard drive, such as disk partitions and file systems containing files and folders. System restore and recovery are necessary if you have problems with Windows and don’t want to reinstall it.

Reasons Why VHD or VHDX files are Deleted or Damaged

Before learning how to fix VHDX file corruption, it is important to understand how this problem occurs. This understanding is important to avoid making the same mistakes and to be more careful in the future. Here are some common causes of VHDX file corruption.

  • Virus or malware:  Virus or malware attacks pose a significant risk to VHDX files. If your system has recently become a victim of such attacks, your VHDX files may have become corrupted. Virus attacks are one of the leading causes of VHDX file corruption, making these files inaccessible and virtually unusable.
  • Sudden System Shutdown:  Improper shutdown procedures while the system is running can also cause corruption problems. Even if you carefully follow the step-by-step shutdown process, there are many other factors that can cause your system to shut down unexpectedly. Whether intentional or not, a sudden system shutdown can cause file corruption.
  • Damage to the Media:  Media corruption issues can also cause VHDX files to become corrupted. Even failure or damage to the media itself can cause VHDX files to become corrupted.
  • Hard Drive Failure:  If your hard drive fails, there is no doubt that you will face some difficulties due to corrupted VHDX files.

Recover Files from VHDX with Manually

Want to try how to recover deleted VHD or VHDX files manually? Follow these steps to recover lost VHDX files using Hyper-V Manager.

Step 1: Launch Hyper-V Recovery on your system and select Edit Disk from the right pane.
Step 2: Select Browse Disk in the Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard. Click Review and Next.
Step 3: In the Select Action window, click Compress and Next.
Step 4: Wait for the virtual disk to finish editing. After that, click the “Donebutton.
Step 5: Rename the VHD file.

How Do I Recover Files from VHDX? Using Expert Software

To recover data from lost or damaged VHD and VHDX files, SysTools VHDX Data Recovery is a good choice. Using this tool, you can easily recover deleted, damaged or inaccessible VHD or VHDX files. Now download this VHD file recovery software on your Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7 computer and follow the simple steps below to recover deleted or permanently deleted files.

The application is designed to recover deleted files from VHD, including videos, photos, databases, archives, etc. Moreover, the program also supports the recovery of formatted, corrupted and damaged VHD files. 

Quick Steps to Recover Files from VHDX

Step 1: Download and install the Button HyperV VHD Recovery Tool.
Step 2: Find the VHD or VHDX file. Select the damaged file and click Open.
Step 3: Now view all recovered data files in the software panel.
Step 4: Save the recovered VHD or VHDX data files to the desired location.

Conclusion Line

This article provides automatic and manual methods to recover files from VHDX. If your files are irretrievably lost, we recommend that you try professional data recovery software to recover deleted VHD or VHDX files instantly. The sooner you recover from data loss, the better your chances of recovering your data are.