A cruise is the ultimate chance to relax in luxury. With so much time spent lounging by the pool and pampering at the spa, having the right gear makes your time onboard even more enjoyable. Here is a checklist of things to buy for a cruise to maximize indulgence and convenience during your voyage.

Electronics Protection

The ocean air wreaks havoc on electronics. Protect your tech:

  • Waterproof phone case – take pics underwater and keep valuables dry in your bag for shore days
  • Portable phone charger – bypass fighting for open outlets
  • Camera – waterproof or high-quality DSLR to capture incredible vacation moments
  • eReader – loaded up with vacation books since space is limited
  • Surge protector – protect devices when plugging into ship outlets

Outfit Essentials

Be prepared from port to poolside with versatile outfits:

  • Swimsuits – have a few options to alternate between
  • Coverups – lightweight dresses, kimonos, and wraps to throw on for meals
  • Hat – keep the sun off while lounging on deck
  • Sandals – for easy on/off around the pool and excursions
  • Athletic shoes – crucial for active shore excursions
  • Light jacket – useful for unpredictable weather or chilly nights

Packing Aids

Pack strategically to avoid overstuffing:

  • Compression bags – condense bulky items like sweaters to save space
  • Packing cubes – keep outfits organized and separated in your suitcase
  • Laundry bags – keep dirty clothes contained for sending items out to be washed
  • Stain remover pen – quickly treat any clothes spills in your cabin
  • Mini steamer – refresh wrinkled clothes without ironing
  • Over-door hangers – hang often-worn items nearby to keep tidy

Bathroom Basics

Pamper yourself with bathroom upgrades:

  • Quick-drying towel – ideal for shore excursions or a day at the spa
  • Hair dryer/straightener if not provided – maintain your look
  • High quality shampoo/conditioner – take advantage of the endless hot water for a little luxury
  • Robe – cozy up post-shower or heading to the spa
  • Flip flops – keep feet happy in shared shower facilities

Recreation & Relaxation

Enhance downtime and wellness:

  • Kindle/books – unlimited reading without filling your luggage
  • Yoga mat – maintain your practice with an early morning sun salutation on the deck
  • Portable speaker – provide own soundtrack lounging on your balcony
  • Travel journal – document meaningful memories from your voyage
  • Binoculars – spy faraway islands, marine life, and birds from the deck
  • Portable drink cooler – tote your favorite beverages on excursions

Health Essentials

Be prepared to feel your best:

  • Seasickness remedies – bracelets, natural supplements, relief medication
  • Sunscreen/lip balm – crucial for long days out on deck and tropical excursions
  • Motion sickness tablets – avoid queasiness on tender boats to shore
  • Electrolyte powders/tablets – replenish with easy customizable hydration
  • Melatonin/sleep aid – combat time zone changes disrupting your sleep cycle
  • Pain/upset stomach reliever – alleviate discomfort discreetly

Final Touches

Personalize your onboard experience:

  • Door magnet – decorate your cabin door to easily find it
  • Waterproof playing cards – host game night on your balcony
  • Lanyard – easily store your stateroom key while adventuring
  • Insulated mug – carry your coffee on deck without it getting cold
  • Decorations – banners, streamers, props for your cabin when sailing with a group
  • Photos – put together a cruise memory book for reminiscing later


With smart pre-planning using this cruise shopping checklist, you can best enjoy everything your floating resort has to offer. Focus on versatile items that multitask from day to night. Protect your valuables from the elements and accidents. And don’t forget comforting items that provide familiarity and touch of home while you sail the high seas. Plus, make a splash with our collection of cool swimsuits for women, ensuring you’re stylishly prepared for poolside lounging and beachside adventures. Dive into your cruise experience fully equipped and fashion-forward!