Winter is upon us, and in the UK, it means shivering extreme cold and snowfall. It means using lots of energy to keep your home heated. Moreover, it means increased heating costs. So if you want to say goodbye to shivering and hello to snuggling, you must take two important steps. Firstly, insulate your home very well. Secondly, upgrade your central heating system. Next, if you haven’t had a central heating system previously, install it before the winter hits you. Moreover, if you’re on a tight budget, the ECO4 scheme can help you upgrade your home. Under this scheme, you may be eligible for a free central heating system and insulation. What’s more, you may also qualify for free boiler replacement. Interested> Read more and see how you can make the most of this scheme.

Winter schemes to apply

Winter isn’t just about surviving. It is in fact about thriving in comfort. But do you know several low-income families find it challenging to pay winter fuel charges? These households have poor insulation systems. Consequently, all the family members including little children and the elderly have been shivering throughout the winter. So if you can afford insulation, you must do so. And if you can’t, apply for the government’s insulation grants. ECO4 scheme and the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) are game-changers. So you should benefit from these schemes. Moreover, if you’re a landlord you should know insulation increases the market value of your property. Renters prioritize well-insulated homes.

Why insulate my home?

Many landlords think once insulated no need to update. But that’s not true. Generally, insulation becomes ineffective after 20-30 years. Even some insulation may last just 10 years. It depends on the type of insulation, its quality, environmental factors, and maintenance. What’s more, the government implements new regulations from time to time. So meeting the current regulations is important.

Next, there are several benefits of insulation. First, it saves your precious heat and overall energy. Secondly, it saves you money on your heating bills. Thirdly, it increases property value. Finally, it is now mandatory in the UK for landlords to insulate their properties. So get ready for winter and save. No doubt, it may seem early, but be aware energy prices are unpredictable. So it is better to be prepared. Loft insulation alone could save you up to £475 yearly.

Increase your EPC score

Better insulation can boost your home’s EPC rating. It adds value and aids in selling and renting. Unfortunately, nearly two-thirds of UK homes don’t meet long-term energy efficiency targets. Several homes fall below C grade on EPCs (A-G). So check your EPC rating. If you find it below the standard scale, you better improve it. Furthermore, if your EPC scoring is below D, you may be eligible for the Great British Insulation Scheme and ECO4 scheme. You may replace your old, in-efficient boiler with the new condensing model. These are just a few perks of EPC.

Key areas to insulate

Well, these are the most important areas that you need to insulate. These include floors, lofts, pipes, windows, and walls. In fact, these are the areas where hot air escapes and cold air enters. So if you insulate these spots, you can effectively cut heat waste. What’s more, you can definitely lower your heating bills. Again, you may apply for insulation grants to get insulation done. Under the Great British Insulation Scheme, you can only get one insulation measure at a time. But if you need more, for that you may be asked to contribute. Now, there remains the ECO4 scheme. This also provides free insulation along with a new boiler. So check your eligibility before applying.

Upgrade your central heating system

The second most important home upgrade is the central heating system. Since over three-quarters (78%) of UK homes use mains gas central heating, upgrading on the same source is easier now. But if your household never had a central heating system before, you can get it through First Time Central Heating Grants. Without a doubt, a central heating system is the backbone of any home. In other words, life without central heating is a nightmare. What’s more, you can replace your gas boiler if it is a non-condensing model. Again, the ECO4 scheme can help you in this matter.

Replace your boiler

Boiler is the heart and soul of your heating system. If it functions well, the whole system operates smoothly. And if it goes out of order or becomes inefficient, you’ll likely face overbilling. So you should keep an active eye on your boiler. Replace your boiler with a more energy-efficient model if it is still a non-condensing model. Remember, the government has banned all non-condensing models across the country. Moreover, you should look for free boiler grants. These enable you to change your boiler. What’s more, you can also apply for air-source heat pumps and solar panels. But qualification depends on various factors such as the source of your heating system.

Bottom line

Winter is the time that calls for precautionary measures. If you get ready for it in advance, you can avoid lots of trouble. Primarily, two things are critically important. The first one is insulation and the second one is upgrading the central heating system. Moreover, some other important things are part of these two systems. So upgrading all in advance will be a wise decision.  Furthermore, you get home upgrades through the ECO4 scheme. Next, you can apply for the Great British Insulation Scheme to cover insulation costs. So it’s time to say goodbye Shivering, Hello Snuggling. With these steps, you can successfully create your cosy winter haven.