The Whirling Dervish cocktail: tequila, lime and pear.

A pear-laced twist on the tequila sour

You can use readymade pear puree or homemade: for the latter, peel and core a pear, then blend in a processor with a little sugar syrup, until smooth. If need be, loosen with a touch of water.

Serves 1

40ml tequila reposado 
30ml pear puree (see introduction)
25ml lime juice
15ml simple sugar syrup 
2 fresh sage leaves, plus 2 extra to garnish
1 pinch cracked black pepper, plus extra to garnish
1 egg white

Put everything in a shaker, then dry shake to set the egg white and create a nice foam. Add ice to the shaker and shake again. Double strain into a glass of your choice over ice, garnish and serve.

Francesco Medici, bar manager, The Mekan at Rüya, London W1