Gemma Cairney: ‘In a loud world I’m keen to support independent brands with heart.’

Disciple is a brand created by a psychotherapist – and it could work wonders for your

This week I would like to introduce you to the skin brand Disciple, created by the psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson. The range has been designed with more in mind than just our appearance, also addressing our wellbeing and mental health by infusing essential oils that are said to encourage hormone balance.

Charlotte had the idea after noticing how stress and anxiety can aggravate a number of skin issues, from acne to eczema. The range, which is all made in London, includes little potion-like bottles with tinctures and a glorious spray made of geranium oil – it lifts and energises when you feel like you need to plunge your entire head into a bucket of ice water.

In a loud world I’m keen to support independent brands with heart. We all know that there is not one quick fix for navigating our mental health, and the body’s reaction to it, but by combining a thoughtful approach to everything we do, from what we eat to what we slather on our skin, I think this is a positive start.